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Blood Elf - Rhys by CheshireTheMad
Blood Elf - Rhys
This Blood Elf, from World of Warcraft, is called Rhys Silverheart. He is a pirate, mechanic, smuggler, treasure hunter... and a lot of other things.

Here he is somewhat younger than he actually is at the moment. Like a teen version, I suppose. 


I woke up in a dark room. As I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around, I noticed a couple small chandeliers were the only source of light. There was no one else in the place except me. My left arm was bandaged, but after a few moments I could let out a relieved sigh; I was able to move it, so fortunately it didn't break. Then all of a sudden memories rammed into my mind, and my head started to ache again. I remembered everything that happened, the surprise, Oasis, and then the motorbiking, and.. the accident. I bolted up and almost fell off the narrow bed. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm myself, saying that if I was here, they -whoever 'they' was- must have found Seth too, in time before... The thought sent shivers down my spine. I looked around again, forcing myself to think about something else. The room was rather empty, and every piece of furniture, except a small night-stand beside the bed, was pushed to the wall, as if a lot of people had to fit inside at the same time. No hospital equipment around, only a small basin filled with slightly red water ('Blood.' I thought) on the night-stand. There were a couple metallic pieces soaking in it, and I realized that they were parts of my late motorbike. I guessed they stuck into my arm when I fell on them, and I couldn't help the grimace that appeared on my face in the next moment. Beside the basin, I found my keys.
"I guess I won't be using these anymore..."
I muttered to myself sadly, as I took them in my hands, and reattached the key-ring that Seth got me. I noticed a bunch of clothes at the end of my bed, and my face flushed red as I realized that I wasn't wearing anything but my underwear. A little too self-conscious, I got up with a groan, then dressed up, barely noticing how weird the clothes were; dark brown pants, black leather boots, and a yellowish, loose linen shirt. All of them have seen better days, that was obvious, and although they seemed rather old, they were clean, and I didn't complain. I put Seth's key-ring into my pocket, and just as I reached for the knob, the door opened, and a tiny old lady stepped into the room. I believe she was about seventy years old, she had long, silvery hair, and her suntanned face was full of wrinkles. When she saw me, she nodded her head a bit, then put down the basket that she was carrying. I only realized how hungry I was when the smell of freshly baked bread reached my nose.
"I see you're awake... good, very good. I brought you something to eat, but I see you can stand, and that's also good, very good." the old lady scratched her chin, then continued "Don't go anywhere, you need to regain your strength first. I promise, all of your questions will be answered..."
She added, and before I could say anything, she turned around and hobbled out on the door, muttering something similar to 'good, very good'. I didn't have a better idea, plus my stomach was growling as if I swallowed a tiger whole, so I grabbed the small basket and sat down on the bed. I barely finished my first loaf, when I heard approaching steps, and soon the door opened, but this time it wasn't the old lady only. A group of people, men, women, even some kids, walked inside the not-very-spacious room, and finally I understood why all the furniture was moved to the side. Obviously, this wasn't the first time they came in to see me, and that realization made me extremely uncomfortable, to say the least. I squirmed awkwardly on the bed, the unknown faces and the strangers' gazes making me uneasy, so I quickly swallowed the last bite of bread. Everyone was talking at the same time, it was way too crowded and my head was still hurting.
"Quiet, people! We'll never find out who this boy is, if we're acting like little children! Quiet!"
The speaker, a large, muscular man hit the nearest table a couple times. The crowd suddenly went silent, and I could feel that everybody was looking at me. Eighteen pair of eyes, to be exact, aimed right at me, and to be honest I was getting a bit of a stage fright. I felt like I didn't have time for all this, I had to find Seth, or at least make sure he was all right, but I also wanted answers. What the hell was going on? Why wasn't I in a normal hospital? Who were these people? After all I decided to take advantage of the silence created by the large man, who, by the way, strongly reminded me of a bear I saw in the zoo back when I was a kid.
"What's this place? Why did you bring me here?"
I asked, though my voice wasn't nearly as strong as I had hoped, and slightly cracked at the end of my sentence. I cleared my sore throat, while waiting for the answer, watching the people's faces. There were some who seemed calm, some were frustrated, and some looked like they were surprised that I could talk at all. In the end, bear-man stepped forward.
"You are in Wenris, boy. We brought you here, after we found you on the shore, barely breathing. My name is Einar, I am the mayor of this town. This is my house." he said, glancing around with proud pithy, then aiming his dark eyes back at me "And now tell me, what is your name?"
Some of the people nodded in agreement, watching me as I blinked a few times, surprised.
"On.. the shore?" I mumbled, furrowing my eyebrows "Wha-- How? What happened? ...Wenris?"
I have never heard of a town with a name like that. Einar shook his head, taking a rather cautious step towards me, his greying brown beard flopping around menacingly as he spoke.
"Answer me first! What is your name, and what business do you have in Wenris?"
I was about to stutter something as an excuse, when I heard a new voice from the other end of the room.
"Father, I don't think he is completely conscious yet. You should wait with the questioning."
The crowd parted, letting the owner of the voice forward, a guy about the same age as me. He was leaning against the wall, watching from behind, but now walked up to Einar, and continued.
"Miriam should have not convened a meeting, not yet."
The pungent look and the remark he gave her apparently offended the old, silver-haired lady. After showing her tongue to the guy, like a little kid, she crossed her arms and turned away with a pout on her face. Unlike her, I was unbelievably grateful, and though Einar didn't seem too happy, he nodded after a few moments and motioned the others to follow him out of the room. After everyone was outside, my 'savior' quietly closed the door, then turned to me and pulled a chair over to the bed, facing me.
"I apologize for my father's behavior."
He said while sitting down, lazily crossing his legs.
"He doesn't really like strangers, especially in his own house. But there wasn't enough space for you anywhere else, not to mention that Miriam is the best healer in Wenris. That old hag is brilliant, though she is a little crazy."
A slight smile appeared on the guy's lips as he casually ran a hand through his shoulder-length, dark blonde hair. Just like Einar, he was quite muscular, but he was a lot slimmer than his father. His face was smooth, his brown eyes gleamed cheerfully.
"My name is Eithan, son of Einar." he continued, nodding his head towards me "What's yours, phasphei*?"
"Uh, what? Oh, um... Jayden.. son of John..?"
Yeah, I tried. Then I quickly added;
"Um, did you find another guy? He has black hair too, green eyes and he's a little younger than me. My brother.."
"I'm sorry, son of John." he said as he shook his head after a few seconds. "You were alone when we found you" it seemed like he was about to continue, but his face suddenly darkened. "Actually, Gamish did discover some human footprints in the sand, close to where you were found. But the tracks... disappeared after a few meters." he said slowly, then cleared his throat. I felt like he wasn't telling me something, but I decided to wait with it.
"Sooo, what is this place?" I asked after a few moments, as I glanced around the room again, then looked back at Eithan. The guy seemed a little confused.
"Well, as you heard earlier, this is my father's house in Wenris. We're in Dalerion on the plain of Tarenor, and this is the eleventh season of the fourth era."
I raised an eyebrow at him, staring with an idiotic look, and parted lips. Even after a few minutes, all I could say was:
"...Say what?"
Clearly, Eithan couldn't wrap his head around my reaction, and he was about as confused as I was. He leaned forward a little, furrowing his eyebrows as he studied my dumb face.
"You must have really hit your head..." he muttered softly "Or maybe you weren't primed at all. I mean it happens, but most humans know the kingdom... "
Yes, he was definitely talking to himself, his gaze absentmindedly wandered off, and settled on a tiny bug running around on the wooden floor. And I just sat there, staring at him, still rather puzzled. When Eithan said 'humans' it sounded a lot like we weren't the only human-like species in.. wherever we were. Also, 'kingdom'? Did he mean the UK or something? How the hell did I get here? I just couldn't figure it out, this whole thing didn't make any sense.
"Where are you from?" Eithan asked finally, as his eyes returned to mine.
"Los Angeles." I answered slowly, but after seeing the guy's vacant look, I added, "Um... It's in the USA."
"I've never heard of it."
Alright, yes, I get it, Wenris must have been a tiny town, but he didn't know what the USA was? And he talked about being unschooled? My eyes widened slightly, but Eithan didn't let me gawk for long. He stood up, and motioned me to follow him, out of the room. Stepping out on the door, we got to a narrow corridor, that was about as dark as my room, only lit by a couple candles. Without any hesitation, Eithan turned left, and led me through the passage, until we reached the end; two doors facing each other, and a tiny, dirty window. Eithan knocked on the door to the right, and after receiving no answer, he opened it and walked through. This room was made out of the same, warm brown wood as the corridor and the one I woke up in, though the two windows let in more light. And the place was a mess. In the middle, a wooden table stood, laden with all kinds of books and writings, and a rickety-looking chair behind it. But the old, leather-bound books covered not only the table, but almost the whole room. Some were stacked in shorter towers, and some seemed like they were just thrown into disordered piles. I noticed a bookshelf in the other end of the room, which looked as if it was ready to give out under the substantial amount of parchment rolls and dusty books that were stacked upon it. Between all the papers and volumes, different swords, axes, hatchets, spears and other weapons lay, which I had no idea what could do to a person, but honestly I did not want to find out. Eithan walked over to the table, stepping over the scattered documents with masterly ease, whereas I managed to knock down a tower of rolls although I tried my best. Eithan glanced back at me, but didn't seem bothered by the parchments. Instead, he just motioned me to come over to the table, while he fished out a folded paper from one of the piles. He carefully opened it, revealing a map.
"This is Dalerion." said Eithan, then glanced at me, while I stared at the paper with my jaw dropped. I have never seen a continent with a shape like this, not even similar. While my gaze explored the map, Eithan watched me, then pointed at it after a few minutes.
"Here's Wenris, where we are now. Where's your town?"
"M-my town?" I muttered confusedly, slowly looking up at Eithan. I blinked a few times, then stared back at the map.
"Oh, my town, of course, um... It's not on your map." I said slowly, glancing at the blonde guy. Eithan was visibly surprised first, then narrowed his eyes and shook his head.
"That can't be. Every human town is marked on this map." he said with utter certainty in his voice. I let out a sigh, and rubbed my forehead with my fist. How is possible? Was I just hallucinating? Or dreaming? Did I fall through a magic wardrobe? ...Did I die? Whatever the case may be, Seth was here too, and I tried to concentrate on him, and that I needed to find him. To be honest in my mind I was constantly battling myself, because the childish part of me was fascinated and excited about the unknown world, and the sensible part was simply freaking out.
"Alright, come on, let's get you outside, and breathe some fresh air. You look quite pale." Eithan patted my shoulder, then headed outside. "I'll show you the town."
I followed him without a word, out the room, through the corridor, and down the stairs. The dingy old wooden steps creaked under our weight. When we finally reached the street, I had to squint. Although it was late in the afternoon, the sunshine hurt my eyes after the house's dim lighting. Einar's two-story home stood on a small hill, a bit away from the others. You would probably be able to see the whole town from the roof, as it didn't seem to be too big. It must have rained recently, as the narrow streets were rather muddy, but I could only see one or two racks of cloud, leisurely drifting through the light blue sky. Between the tiny, closely built houses I could see a thin, greenish blue streak of the sea. Eithan headed towards the town, with me after him.
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(Contains: strong language)


I woke up to the awful smell of burnt tyre rubber scorched into my nostrils. Although I realized I was laying on my back, the world was spinning around me, and I felt like I could throw up any minute. When I tried to sit up, a sudden bolt of pain hit me in the head, and I fell back, thinking that this must be what it's like to be stabbed in the brain. I carefully opened my eyes, and glanced around, but the only thing I was able to see were a couple orange spots and darkness. The thick, black smoke surrounding me made me tear up, so I closed my eyes again, and tried to remember what happened.

It was the beginning of January. The icy winter breeze was playing around with a guy standing in the bus stop, bringing snow into his face and messing up his dark hair. His cold, grey eyes barely deviated from the sky's current color; according to it, it was probably going to start snowing again soon. The guy pulled his phone out of his pocket for a moment, glancing at the small screen. 6 AM, zero notifications. He impatiently stomped his feet on the ground and began walking up and down. The bus should have arrived minutes ago, but instead it is letting him, well, me, freeze to death. That's right. The guy with the black hair and dirty-snow-colored eyes? Bingo, it's me. My name is Jayden Walker, and, if you haven't figured that out already, this story is about me.
People haven't seen so much snow in Los Angeles since forever. Most schools were closed, and though I did not have anything against it, I thought they were a bit overreacting. Everyone stayed indoors, except for the most devoted people who have not yet caught a cold, and were now driving home from work. What am I doing out in the frostpocalypse, you ask? Well, I lost at rock-paper-scissors against my little brother, so I had to go to the store. Our parents were out of town, so we were on our own for a few days, and had to stay alive. When the bus finally arrived, my fingertips were practically frozen 'n' ready to fall off, into the snow, along with the plastic bags filled with the food that I bought. Fortunately, I arrived home in under thirty minutes, and after I put down the bags, I began to peel off my black coat, and kicked my snowy and rather wet boots onto the floor. Yes, I'm quite messy. Anyway, I picked up the meaning of my little tour to the ice age, walked into the living room - and nearly got a heart attack, when all of a sudden some people jumped up from behind the sofa.
They yelled simultaneously, then burst out laughing at the sight of my surprised face, but a few moments later, I began grinning too.
"Happy birthday!" One of my best friends, Connor, stepped to me, giving me a small envelope, after I placed the bags on the floor. Next came Lisa and Louis, the twins, my two other closest friends. They gave me their gift and both hugged me -I even got a kiss on the cheek from Lisa. The last one was my little brother, Seth, who walked over to me with a quite small package.
"This one's from me and mom and dad. They wanted you to know how sorry they are that they can't be here on your nineteenth birthday, but this meeting is important, and they wish you a happy birthday, blah blah blah. Dad needs to take a break from being doc before his job drives him insane." Seth rolled his eyes slightly, then shrugged, a grin creeping upon his lips. "It was pretty hard to convince them to buy this, just so you know."
Seth was only a couple inches shorter and one year younger than me, and though our black hair was practically the same, unlike me, Seth inherited our father's light green eyes.
"Jay, we have to go, but we'll meet up again later!"
Said Connor, smiling widely at me. My friends hugged me again, then marched out of the room and let themselves out. I glanced at my brother, who still had that smug grin across his face, and nodded to me when he noticed that I was looking at him.
"Well, what are you waiting for? I want to see the face you make when you open it!"
"Then I'll open the other two gifts first."
I smirked evilly as I reached toward Connor's envelope, and opened it. Two tickets to a bar called Oasis, and a tiny note, with Connors messy handwriting: 'Seth asked me to get him a pass as well, but I guessed it should be you who decides who to bring with you. Happy b-day, bro!' After Connor's, I took the twins' package into my hands. It was a bottle of Jack Daniel's. 'Happy birthday. Don't drink it without us!' I put the whiskey and the note down with a smile on my face. Finally, I got to the last present. I already knew what it was, maybe I had been expecting it, since I passed my exam, but still, I must have made a pretty ridiculous face, because when I looked up at Seth, he began laughing. On the chain there was a key of a motorbike and a small, round key-ring resembling a tree made out of dark metal.
"Yep, this is exactly what you think it is."
Seth grinned, watching my reactions. I threw the keys up into the air, then caught them.
"You wanna try it?"
I asked my brother excitedly. Seth quickly nodded, but then held up his hand.
"But first, get ready, because we are going to Oasis!"
He paused for a moment, glancing at me, and I shrugged.
"I guess you can come..."
"Yes! Alright, then get ready, and let's go!"
I nodded with a smile on my lips, then headed upstairs to my room after grabbing my presents. I took a quick shower, dressed up -I chose a black linen shirt and blue jeans- then headed back down. We were ready to go in about half an hour. Seth led me to the garage where my new motorbike stood. The black, matte painted vehicle looked perfect. And worked perfectly, I was impressed, really.

So, Oasis was one of the most well-known clubs in all of Los Angeles. It was nearly impossible to get in without a VIP pass, but Connor somehow managed to get one for each of us. After standing in the queue in the front for way too long, we finally got in. It was quite crowded, and it took us some time to find Connor and the twins. We talked, laughed, danced... and got in a couple shots as well. It was past midnight when our little group, tired and a bit drunk, staggered out of the building.
"And then she says to me; Connor, you're a fucking loser!"
Seth and Connor were practically laughing their asses of, while I was talking to Lisa and Louis. After we've said our good-byes, and everyone headed home, Seth and I got on the motorbike, and I started the engine. I was a little dizzy, but feeling good thanks to the awesome surprise party my friends had managed for me. While we were driving home, Seth attempted to chat with me, though the wind and the sound of the engine made it impossible to actually hear what he was saying. The window of my helmet was getting a little hazy, and it had begun to snow as well. We were rolling on a narrow road on the hillside, way above the speed limit. Seth was yelling and laughing behind me, even letting me go for a few moments, arms spread wide like a bird in flight. And that was when it all went down. Suddenly, I felt the bike skid on the thin layer of snow that covered the asphalt. I braked hard, but it was too late, I lost control. I could hear a surprised shout from Seth, then we crashed into the barrier. As if it was a catapult, the momentum sent both of us flying off the bike. I felt all the oxygen leave my lungs as my back lashed into the rough ascent, then I started rolling down, until the thick trunk of an old tree made me stop. My head and back hurt like hell, for a couple seconds I didn't even know who I was. Then my vision went dark for a moment, as if somebody turned off the lights of the world. I tried to look around, but the glass of my helmet was cracked, and the smoke around me didn't make it easier to see either. After I managed to sit up and take my helmet off, I attempted to stand, but my legs gave out rather quickly. So I decided to crawl forward, trying my best to avoid broken motorbike parts and fallen branches. I was extremely dizzy, the smoke made me cough quite hard, though I was still yelling my little brother's name. I let out a shout of agony, when an unexpected wave of pain hit my left arm and spread out all around my body. I couldn't keep myself up anymore, and as I fell on the ground, I lost my consciousness.
Chapter I: 'Nineteen'
So, this is the first chapter of my, er, novel. Please share your thoughts and tips Chili Anime Emoji (Sigh) [V5] 
My native language is not English, so there may be some problems in there. I try my best though! (:

Let me know if you want more. Teh Evil Laugh 


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