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Accident by CheshireTheMad
I was doodling randomly, and decided to make this portrait of Rune Sylvain, my hopefully-soon-to-be character in the group Sybal Heim.

She seems to have left her clothes somewhere when she teleported away.
Britney Spears - Happy 
Hey, everyone needs practice! 
It is a little awkward, though. 
Rune Alma Sylvain by CheshireTheMad
Rune Alma Sylvain
Backstory fixed!

Name: Rune Alma Sylvain
Nicknames: Red, Sylvie, Kiddo -though she doesn't really mind what you call her, as long as she knows it is her you are talking about.
Age: 129 (She has been in the city for 108 years, as she time-traveled 107 years forward from 1666.)
(Born: 1645, 2th of September, London)
Physical Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Red/Ginger
Eyes: Grey

Faction: Disciple

   As Rune is quite easygoing, and enjoys her life in Sybal Heim more than her previous one, she is one of the Disciples. She is no extremist, however, being much more on the conservative side as she tries to avoid politics and disputes like wildfire.

Occupation: Postwoman, Delivery Services

During the day, Rune works as a courier for the official postal services in Sybal Heim, mainly remaining in her district, the Ambrotos, and delivering letters of all sorts there.
After sunset, however, Rune runs her own delivery company (which consists of her and a friend), taking packages and mail to anyone throughout the city.

Sybal Form: The Ashen Leaper

Rune's nocturnal form does not differ all too much from her daytime body, although there are quite a few additions and some smaller changes. She stands taller, about 6'3", and she is more muscular and sturdier than in daylight. Her hair grows shorter and to a more violent red color, while her eyes lose their visible pupils and her iris turns white, while the white of her eye darkens.
Her ashen skin is covered by red and orange markings, and her nails harden and grow into longer, obsidian claws. She has droopy ears, resembling a deer's, and instead of humanoid feet, her legs end in the paws of a feline, each toe adorned by retractable claws.
Even though Rune cannot fly with the leathery 'flaps' that are stretched between her sides and arms, she can combine these and her power to glide through the air. Steering while gliding is helped by her long tail with red feathers on the end.

While in her Sybal form, Rune prefers to go shirtless, as even though her body is curvy, it does not seem to possess the typical traits of the naked woman body (nipples \o/). She does, however, wear a golden scarf around her neck -which she adores- and dark blue pieces of clothing that are tied around her waist, covering her lap. Rune also often wears goggles to keep anything from going into her eyes while flying.
In this form, she can hide her emotions quite well, though an occasional flick of her tail or twitch of her ears signal her frustration or restiveness.
Her claws can be used quite well for climbing and grabbing thin ledges, and she is quite skilled when it comes to scaling houses or running. She can jump quite large distances thanks to her muscular legs, and her average running speed is about 32mph. Like a feline, Rune usually manages to land on her feet.
Rune prefers swiftness over strength, and she rarely picks a fight. She can usually talk her way out of things or escape with smart, combined usage of her skills and Sybal power.

Sybal Power: Teleportation

During her first couple transformations, Rune often ended up in a hospital with some sort of furniture stuck to her feet or arms, as she couldn't quite figure out how to control her ability, but by now she uses it as a handy 'tool', quite cleverly.
Although when Rune first learned that she could not fly on her own -after some unsuccessful attempts- she was rather disappointed, she quickly learned how she could combine her 'flaps' and her skills as a teleporter. She teleports herself up into the sky, spreads her arms and glides.
She cannot teleport anyone with her. If she tries, her power simply does not seem to work. So even if someone simply grabs her wrist or ankle, she cannot teleport herself until she manages to shake said person off.
To be able to teleport where she actually wants to go, she either has to see where she is going on know the place like the back of her hand, otherwise she might end up stuck in furniture or walls, even.
She can't teleport through walls, unless she knows what's exactly on the other side -and even then, it is risky. The action exhausts her more than normal teleporting, as it takes about as much energy as climbing the wall would.
As using her power is rather exhausting, Rune prefers to either teleport very short distances, or use the little gliding skill that she had developed in case she wants to go further.

Docile/Feral: Docile

Though in her first days, Rune had some problems understanding her Sybal form and training herself not to mistake the markings on her body for flames and get jumpy, she managed to stay docile.


First of all, Rune Sylvain is definitely what you would call a 'social butterfly'. She is a specifically friendly, allocentric individual with a characteristically humorous and effervescent demeanor. Although she tries to hold herself back, she is outrageously loquacious. Most people find it rather amusing to listen to her little stories -that she either 'beefed up' or made up herself-, but unfortunately there are some who try to avoid the energetic girl. But evading Rune (especially when she wants to find you) is not and easy task.

She is quite artful and intelligent, overall a logical thinker, even if it may seem otherwise at first when she is being goofy and facetious. As she spends quite a lot of time running around Sybal Heim, both day and night, she has 'overheard' a few conversations and if poked the right way, she can hardly ever hold herself back from slipping a few secrets here and there -unless asked or instructed not to. If the latter is the case, Rune would take a friend's (or superior's) secret to the grave. She is a very loyal buddy, somewhat protective over the people she is fond of, and selfless when it comes to aiding them.

Like many others, Rune has her ups and downs, days when she feels more talkative or less outgoing. On her quieter days, she seems more contemplative, dreamy and kindly -if you want to ask something of her, those days would be the best time.

On the other hand, she also has days when her hyperactivity takes over; she becomes a bit more stubborn, adventurous, lively and, although she is rather inoffensive, she turns jolly outspoken.

Even though she has insulted a few people in the past with her sarcasm and (sometimes childish) jokes, she can be quite persuasive and charismatic if she wants to. Perhaps even captivating! To call her brainy would be an understatement; Rune is resourceful and very creative in many aspects, witty and shrewd.

There are not many things that Rune takes completely seriously, but work had always been something she aimed to be better at. She is a punctual courier, athletic and easygoing, quite passionate about her job -however, she is a bit disorderly.

She is utterly curious and quite courageous (sometimes reckless, even), youthful and -even if it does not show at first (or second) glance, she is quite the compassionate girl.

When the night falls, however, certain traits go under the magnifying glass.

Although Rune is not exactly restrained during the day, she becomes completely breezy once the sun dives under the horizon. She is more confident, bolder and competitive, though in her Sybal form she talks a lot less -but she is way more persuasive and smooth. She turns slightly less tolerant and hates wasting time, but she is still quite hard to anger. She is, however, extremely insolent in a somewhat playful way, preferring to be sarcastic and enigmatic rather than giving straight answers to any question asked.


On one exceptionally scorching day of the summer of the year 1637, a group of seven merchant ships were moored on the shores along the River Thames. They, together with many riches and goods, carried the second son of the wealthy French tradesman Louis Sylvain, Francois. The eighteen years old young man was to marry the fair daughter of an English lord, and settle down in London to establish the family's interests on the markets of England.

Although their marriage was conducted by their parents, Francois and Elise were a great match, and both found joy in the time spent together. Their first son, Frederick was born in '39, then, two years later, Elise gave birth to another child, a boy whom they named Ronan. Many were left in disbelief, when the Sylvain family was broadened by two more healthy children; a baby girl called Rune was born during the calm autumn of the year 1645, and another boy, Henry, five years later.

The family spent their days in bliss and prosperity, but not all of them cherished it as much as expected. One of the four siblings, the most rebellious child was the little girl, Rune, with flaming red hair and eyes like the pale winter sky. Rumors, whispers spread across the Sylvain household like wildfire; they claimed that Rune was a little witch, and should be dealt with accordingly. Of course, no one ever dared to speak of these accusations to Francois, who loved his daughter even more than his heir.

Rune preferred to run around the city and play in the dirt with the orphan boys and street kids, rather than going to fancy parties and celebrations held by lords and royalties. She always loved to spend time around the ports and watch the busy life of sailors. Her brother, Ronan, had always been the closest to her, and they often accompanied their father on his trips to inspect his merchant ships whenever they returned.
One day, when Rune was eleven years old, her father decided to take her and her brother, Ronan, with him on a trade-trip to the intriguing coasts of Asia. It was where Rune met little 'Suki, who she -curiously enough- after a couple years passed, met again in Sybal Heim.
All was perfect, until later in the year of 1656, the merely seventeen years old Frederick had received a fatal blow while jousting on a hastilude. The terrible accident shocked the whole family, especially Elise, who was devastated by the sudden death of her firstborn. Then, only a short year later, Ronan was lost to the sea. He captained a small group of his father's merchant ships on a simple trade-run to France when his vessel was caught in a large storm. He never even moored on French shores, and never returned to the English ones. And so, so quickly, the second son was lost, making Rune the eldest of her siblings.

Rune, who was a twelve years old little lady at the time, had drifted apart from her parents and remaining sibling, turning to a quiet, reserved girl. She seemingly completely lost her happy, energetic demeanor, and she could be often found sitting at the docks, silently staring at the waves, hoping to one day catch a glimpse of the familiar sails of her brother's ships. Nearly three years went on like this, in quiet waiting, while Rune saw everything and everyone through the thin, dark veil of grief, and refused to leave the house, except when she headed for the docks.

On the fifteenth summer of her life, however, Rune was promised to the first son of a wealthy lord. Their marriage was to be held on the day she turned sixteen. But Rune, of course, did not want to go along. She tried everything not to have to marry a man she had never even met and barely knew anything about -but her father was unrelenting. They would have married if not for the unfortunate events of next year's summer; Francois, for an unknown reason, had been accused of conspiracy against the King of England, Charles II. Rune and her remaining family was forced to watch as her father was beheaded for treason.

It all happened so abruptly. Rune's mother fell into deep depression, and the girl refused to marry -not that the proposal still stood; she was the daughter of a treacherous man, after all.

Again, the rumors began to circulate around the family manor -about Rune's being a witch, and a curse laid upon the Sylvains.

Although the family was still rich, there was no one to continue with the trades. And so, Rune decided to take matters into her own hands. She used what she had learned from her father, and by 1664, managed to get the family business back on its feet -even though she was merely nineteen years old -and a woman, which often earned her uproar and laughter from other nobles and lords.

Finally, everything seemed to be back on track. But again, perhaps by courtesy of this 'curse' haunting her family, something went wrong. It was no fault of the Sylvain family, though some believed that it was a visitation of God, aiming to punish witches and sinners.

As in 1665, the Great Plague had reached London, and not one family was left unharmed, not even the remnants of the Sylvains. The fifteen years old Henry had caught the fearful disease, and although his mother and sister tried everything, the young boy could not pull through. A few weeks after becoming sick, he died of the plague.

It was the second day of September, a quiet, serene evening of 1666. Rune sat at her desk, staring outside through the window of the workroom that once belonged to her father. She seemed to be deep in her thoughts as she absentmindedly tapped a finger on the wooden tabletop, establishing a steady rhythm while she read through the reports detailing the losses of her family's business. Over half of the men taken by the Plague, many of the goods waiting to be shipped off to France destroyed or stolen. She let out a soft sigh, placing the scroll over the stack of five others, moving her hand to pinch the faintly freckled bridge of her nose as she closed her eyes. She wondered for a while, trying to figure out a way to get out all of this, but she soon gave up. Standing up from the chair, Rune brushed a hand over the black satin of her dress to rid it of wrinkles before she stepped over to the large mirror her father had brought from France as a wedding gift nearly three decades ago. She straightened her back as she stood in front of the mirror, a tired, pale woman with dark circles under her eyes staring back at her. There was something defiant in her stormy grey eyes, something proud in her posture, but her lips had lost the ever-present, mischievous smile such a long time ago. She did not wear any jewelry, but her red hair was in a great contrast with her plain, black dress; the wavy strands almost seemed like tiny dancing flames whenever Rune moved. Although she hadn't had a lot of sleep lately, Rune remained youthful in appearance, even for her age -and then, she suddenly remembered. She had just turned twenty-one years old today, and she hadn't even noticed. Nobody did, it'd seem like, but Rune did not blame anyone. Her birthdays were something she stopped caring about long ago, and reminding her mother would only bring her more worry; she wanted to see Rune married and she wanted grandchildren to care for, but every time Elise managed to find her daughter a fitting spouse, Rune refused. She did not have time for marriage. Lovers, however...

Rune quickly shook her head, to get the images barging into her mind to vanish again. She turned around, walking over to the window to open it. As she leaned over the sill, the wind caught some of her strands and brought them into her face. The sun had set hours ago, and yet there was something bright on the horizon, something...

The girl quickly brushed her hair out of her face, squinting her eyes to get a better look. Her nose slightly wrinkled when the unusually warm air hit her skin again, bringing the familiar scent of burning wood. Rune glanced down when she heard shouting from the streets, and saw people running towards the lights. As she looked up again, she realized that the source of the brightness was not the Sun, nor it was on the horizon; it was much closer. London, burning. The flames had already reached St. Paul's cathedral, and seemed to rage there, only a couple rows of houses away from the Sylvain home.

Rune spun around her heels and ran outside of the room, downstairs then to the streets, grasping her dress to keep herself from stepping on it and falling into the dirt as she rushed through the streets. She had no idea what she was doing, but her childish curiosity got the better of her. The closer she got to the cathedral, the more people she bumped into. They were all running from the fire, but Rune did not turn around, even when the heat around her had become almost unbearable.

Once she reached the square on top of Lundgate hill, the girl slid into a halt. Her lips parted in awe as she stared into the flames eating up the cathedral, little by little. Suddenly, her foolish plan had dawned on her, and Rune spun around once again to head back and wake her mother before it was too late -but she saw no escape. The manors of the rich that stood around the square had all caught on flames. Without any better option, the girl began running towards the nearest narrow street, hoping to dash through without getting severely injured. With the flames eating away on the houses on both sides, Rune ran and ran, panic slowly taking over her instincts as the heat grew around her.

And she ran, until the Sylvain-house came into view, flames dancing on the top and left side of the imposing manor. Horrified, Rune stumbled inside, calling for her mother as she searched through the rooms and corridors.

The wooden pillars of the building moaned and cracked as the fire spread, but Rune just kept trying to find her only remaining family. Without success.

After minutes that seemed like long hours of searching, Rune stumbled upon her room. With a shaky hand, the young woman opened the door, hoping to find her mother there- but instead, she found something completely different and unexpected. She was positive that what she was seeing was merely a hallucination from the smoke, as she suddenly found herself facing a green forest. With the roaring fires behind her and serenity in front of her, she did not hesitate long before she stepped through her door.  The fear that the fire would close in on her eventually made Rune jump into a helter-skelter flight. A branch caught Rune's dress, and the girl fell face-first onto the ground. She was exhausted and drowsy, coughing from the ash that she had inhaled, the smoke hurting her eyes. Her teardrops felt strangely soothing as they rolled from her cheeks. The hopeless girl, too tired to move, just lay there, shaking uncontrollably. She buried her sooty face in her hands, curling up. Rune was unsure whether the flames were still following her, but she had, by now, welcomed the fire, accepting the fate if it was really the way she had to go. She waited... and waited.

But the flames never came.

Instead, Rune felt a light breeze messing up her crimson curls, and the heat was completely gone. For a few minutes she remained still, too afraid to open her eyes. But as the minutes ticked away, the girl slowly moved her hands from her face, kneeling up and glancing around.

She stumbled to her rather unsure feet, and after a few moments of uncertainty, she began wobbling through the woods. She may have fallen once or twice before she reached the clearing, but Rune arrived largely unharmed.

And there, under the clear blue sky, a man awaited her. He introduced himself as Theo, and explained everything. At first, Rune did not understand, but the aide she was assigned to helped her find her place in the great city of Sybal Heim. And although she had been worried for her mother, Rune eventually stripped of her insecurities and even found a job she loves until this day.

It took some time for her to return to her old self and bring back the always-cheery bit of a troublemaker, but Rune had managed to do so, and she can be rarely seen gloomy or sad these days.

Additional Info:

-Rune is, for obvious reasons, afraid of fire and extreme heat. She also prefers the colder seasons, and takes a lot more days off from work during summer.

-She can drink quite a lot, and enjoys singing when she is drunk.

-She sleeps more than usual, four or five hours a day.

-She really likes creating and solving riddles and puzzles.

-She has two left feet when it comes to dancing.

-She has a nice voice, and can often be heard humming.

-She likes inventing new things -though they usually don't work or make no sense.

-Rune loves to make paper planes and other small things made of paper.
Rune Sylvain by CheshireTheMad
Rune Sylvain
I haven't posted anything in a while, so I thought I'd add this.
This is Rune Sylvain, a new OC whom I'd like to see in the RP guild, Sybal Heim. ^^

Her occupation would be postwoman and in her free time she would explore the city. She's very curious and all.

She has an Ambrotos-sign-colored bandaid on her nose because they were out of the Constable-chibi one. 


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Lucy Miller

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